Prevention services

Through targeted strategies, we can transform the workplace into a space where safety and well-being go hand in hand. Implementing them means investing in the future of the company, raising safety standards to new levels of excellence.

ReeVo can help you with many risk prevention services.

Cyber Security

Cyber Risk Assessment

Want to improve your cyber security posture, but don't know where to start? We can help you with a Cyber Risk Assessment consultancy!

By quantifying your cyber risks, identifying critical issues and designing your intervention plan, you will have clear priorities and an intervention roadmap that you can decide to adopt

Cyber Security

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Do you know if one of your customers or suppliers has been compromised? Or if your data or login credentials given to a third party are for sale on the Dark Web? If you don't have certain answers then try Cyber Threat Intelligence. You can identify your own or third party compromises of credentials, exfiltrated documents or Dark Web mentions and maintain your brand reputation.

Cyber Security

Vulnerability Management

Test the security of systems and assess the severity of vulnerabilities on external and internal IP addresses, as well as web applications. Enhance security by reducing the attack surface. ReeVo doesn't perform spot assessments but provides a recurring vulnerability management service with integrations of Cyber Threat Intelligence, additional documentation, and key performance indicators.

Cyber Security

Penetration Test

An ethical hacking team detects vulnerabilities and exploits them to penetrate the IT infrastructure. ReeVo does not carry out spot activities by returning a simple report, but offers ongoing Penetration Tests as part of a more comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessmen.

Cyber Security

Cyber Attack Simulation

Maximize the benefits of the two previous services. Create a model of your infrastructure, called a digital twin, and through millions of simulated attacks, identify all vulnerabilities and every potential attack scenario and path without impacting your productive structure, be it IT, IoT, or OT.

Cyber Security

Phishing Simulation

With this service you raise your level of protection against phishing and social engineering techniques by measuring the risk level of your users and then intervening with targeted training policies as a means of improvement.

Cyber Security

Document Encryption

Protect your documents at all times, wherever they are in their lifecycle, and retain full dominion over your files with granular access controls. Explore the advanced encryption system offered by ReeVo and discover how it can work for you.

Cyber Security

Web Application Firewall

Are you frightened by application-based threats to your web sites and services? Regardless of where your web assets are, even if they are not in ReeVo's cloud, this service protects them from malicious attacks and unwanted Internet traffic, including that of malicious bots.


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