Hybrid Cloud

Realise the full value of the hybrid cloud by hosting your IT environments in our data center with maximum certifications and compliance. You can then connect them to both our cloud services and public cloud infrastructures

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Hybrid Cloud: integration between physical and cloud

How to maximise the benefits of a private safe? For example by bringing it inside the best digital safe! 

Whether it is the end point of your cloud journey or an intermediate step towards a Private IaaS model, you will always decide according to your needs!

ReeVo Hybrid Cloud allows you to move your infrastructure or parts of it within ReeVo Data Centres thus inheriting all the economic benefits of quality, business protection and security that ReeVo cloud services offer

The advantages of the ReeVo Hybrid Cloud

With ReeVo's Hybrid Cloud service you can get

The hybrid cloud allows you to quickly adapt IT resources to constantly changing needs, managing the dynamic growth of an entire infrastructure or even a single component with ReeVo, improving overall levels of agility and flexibility.

In the hybrid model, you can always decide what you want to keep in-house and what you want to move to ReeVo's data center, benefiting from the levels of protection, service continuity and security that ReeVo offers you.

ReeVo's infrastructure is spread over several data centres with the highest levels of availability. Choosing ReeVo today means counting on services provided by 5 Data Center RATING 4/ANSI-TIA 942.

Our data center are in the territory of each country in which we operate. With ReeVo you always have the certainty of which specific data center is hosting your specific resource.

ReeVo provides you with as many as 18 international certifications and the highest levels of compliance, covering not only data centre technical specifications, but many other important aspects, such as IT and business management and operational practices, security practices, privacy practices or service level agreements.

The hybrid cloud favours optimal IT cost management as it allows you to effectively balance and modulate your IT spending as well as to decide which and how much of your IT management you want to continue with and what instead to entrust to ReeVo's constant protection and expertise.

Adopting a hybrid cloud model reduces IT-related risks overall. ReeVo integrates cyber security with cloud services, and adds the SOC H24/7 service, thus helping to prevent risks with financial and reputational losses.

You can use your own connectivity with a carrier of your choice from the data center, or use the connectivity contracts provided by ReeVo. With ReeVo you can take advantage of more than 50 carriers and every potential IXP.

Thanks to ReeVo's network, you can not only extend your physical environment into ReeVo's Cloud, but also interconnect it with leading Public Clouds, with the maximum performance and security you need.

Secure Cloud

Shared Hybrid Cloud Data Center

  • Co-location from a single unit
  • Equipment installation in a shared rack
  • Redundant power supply included (2 PDUs on independent circuits)
  • Direct connections (Ethernet 1 / 10 Gbps or Singlemode Optical Fibre) to dedicated ports on ReeVo Managed Switches
  • Transport of a single VLAN (Access) or multiple Customer VLANs (Trunk), Front-End or Back-End
  • Transport of Internet connectivity or Customer links possible
  • Access for installation and subsequent interventions possible by request to the ReeVo Service Desk
  • Access escorted by ReeVo personnel

Secure Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Dedicated System

Hybrid Cloud Dedicated System and Hybrid Cloud Storage services are ideal for projects requiring maximum flexibility and performance without compromise. We can provide you with a dedicated server infrastructure within the security perimeter of our data centre, allowing you to manage the hypervisor yourself.

You will thus have an extremely high-performance physical environment, protected, managed and above all scalable directly in the cloud.

The hybrid cloud solution designed for enterprises

We are experts in designing, implementing and managing hybrid cloud models that offer high performance, maximum compliance, security and resilience.

We are at your side in your digital transformation journey. We can also host your physical environments for business growth.


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