ReeVo, the European digital safe

We are a European cloud provider focused on infrastructure, cybersecurity and data protection services. Since 2003, we have been supporting companies' digital transformation initiatives by protecting and storing corporate data in our digital safe.

We have focused our expertise, infrastructure and solutions on security and compliance as a differentiator and competitive advantage for more than 20 years.

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Data Center Tier IV ANSI TIA 942


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We are Europe's most certified cloud provider with over 20 qualifications and certifications.

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We store our customers' data only in proprietary Data Center certified Rating 4 - ANSI/TIA 942 and located in each country where we are present.

We operate through a channel of more than 300 business partners and distributors throughout the country. Our partners use ReeVo's cloud and cyber security services as an essential component of their end customers' cyber security, data protection and digital transformation strategies.


We pursue the goal of protecting the data and applications of Italian and European companies and institutions from both catastrophic events and cyber attacks. We strive for the highest reliability level and services security, thanks to our constant efforts to certify our processes to the highest international standards.


To be the European partner of reference for the protection of data, applications and digital processes of any type of organisation.


They are a testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality and attest to the adherence of our processes to the highest industry standards. We boast numerous international certifications, giving our customers the confidence to entrust ReeVo with their most valuable data.

Innovation is at the heart of our identity. We operate in a fluid landscape and govern it with continuous technology scouting and relentless research and development. We stay ahead of the curve and develop cutting-edge, effective services that positively transform our customers' security, agility and business.

Integration is part of our DNA and manifests itself right from the planning of services. For us, Cloud and Cyber Security are integrated 'by design', working in perfect harmony to ensure reliability, performance, agility, and risk reduction. The integrated approach offers a single point of management and orchestration of services and an added value that amplifies that of each solution considered individually.

This is the word most often used by our business partners to describe us. The technologies we use, the services we build, the technical support and project coaching, are only of the highest quality! We build the relationship with customers and partners through reliable results, transparency and a proactive approach.

Another strength we are always recognised for is our expertise. We constantly invest in the growth of our employees to provide cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations.

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

The safest way to protect your data is to put it in our digital safe.

Use cloud services without worrying about any technological complexity, but rely on agreed SLAs of the highest level.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We protect your data wherever they are as if they were our own.

We analyse threats, vulnerabilities and risks in IT services, protecting H24/7 networks and applications from external or internal attacks. All our solutions include cyber security services.

Managed service

Managed service

Devops and comprehensive management of multi-cloud environments.

Managed services allow to outsource H 24/7 management of cloud infrastructures and PaaS platforms to ReeVo


ReeVo works with sector associations to promote the diffusion of IT culture, and best practices in cyber security, cloud and data protection.


GAIA-X association for data and cloud (AISBL)

ReeVo S.p.A. is a member of Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL) with the aim of creating a European federation of cloud services and infrastructures to better protect the digital rights and data of European citizens. Today Gaia-X has more than 326 members.


Italian Association for Information Security

ReeVo S.p.A. is a member of Clusit to help promote and spread in our country - to companies, public administration and citizens - the culture and awareness of cybersecurity in all its aspects, in cooperation with its European sister associations.

A path with more than 20 years of experience


Foundation of ReeVo

Birth of the channel model and activation of the first Business Partners.

Creation of the Cloud Edge model, and provision of the first On-Premise services at customer data centres

Activation of the first Data Center in Milan and provision of the first Public Cloud services

Acquisition of a company active in the cyber-security sector to increase the level of protection of Cloud services

Activation of the second Data Center in Milan dedicated to Disaster Recovery services and expansion of the service portfolio

Consolidation of the channel strategy and signing of the first distribution agreement with Esprinet

Activation of the Service Certification process in accordance with the highest international standards

Activation of the third Data Center in Rome

Obtained AGID qualification as Cloud Service Provider for Public Administration.

Distribution agreement signed with Techdata SpA (now called TD Synnex SpA)

Acquisition of a business unit active in Multi-Cloud and Cyber-Security

The Company goes public with the market listing on AIM Italia (now called Euronext Growth Milan).

Activation of the fourth Data Center in Cagliari.

Distribution agreement signed with Attiva SpA

Acquisition of a majority stake in a company active in the area of Cybersecurity, in line with the company's growth strategy.

Signed agreement, in collaboration with the University of Catania, for the opening of a excellence centre focused on research and development of cybersecurity solutions.

Reevo enters the PA market and won, in RTI, the Consip bid for the provision of services for the Public Administration "Remote Security, Compliance and Control Services for Public Administrations".

Won in RTI the Consip tender for "Cloud application services for PA"

Start of the internationalisation process with the incorporation of ReeVo Cloud & Cyber Security S.L.U., a company under Spanish law with headquarters and Data Center in Madrid

Incorporation of ReeVo DevOps S.r.l., a company for the integration of cloud native software solutions and security by design

ReeVo becomes a private company again with the entry of White Bridge Investments, to increase its internationalisation and M&A strategy

ReeVo acquires 100 percent of ABBANA officially entering the French market

ReeVo acquires 100% of ITnet s.r.l., a historic Italian cloud and network provider, strengthening itself in private, hybrid cloud and managed network services



Tech Hero ReeVo

ReeVo Tech Hero is the ReeVo event dedicated to the technical community of our business partners.

A moment aimed at all those who every day fight against cyber crime or data loss, defending the real assets of companies!

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