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We have developed a protection framework for all phases of an industrial process cycle. We help industries to comply with directives or regulations in the field of industrial cyber security such as ISO/IEC 62443 and the EU Cyber Resiliency Act.

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Cybersecurity for the Industrial World: IOT Protection

Whereas in the past industrial and OT systems (PLC, SCADA, RTU, DCS) have always been considered isolated and far removed from IT system security issues, today no one is immune from the risks. Industry-Of-Things, the increasing interconnection of systems and IT/OT convergence are driving an integrated approach to cybersecurity.

What ReeVo does for the manufacturing sector

We respond to the protection needs of manufacturing environments or OEM machinery with services based on the ISO/IEC 62443 standard and the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

With ReeVo, you can implement an appropriate risk prevention phase, as well as ensure the best defence and response in the event of an attack.

The advantages of choosing ReeVo for the manufacturing sector

Who is it aimed at? All industries that have machinery and plants in production and want to protect themselves from cyber attacks, but also OEMs to protect themselves from placing vulnerable equipment on the market

Cyber Attack Simulation

By building a Digital Twin, in a completely non-invasive manner, in ReeVo's data center it is possible to create a digital copy of any IT/OT infrastructure and subject it constantly to millions of attacks in order to be able to quantify the cyber risk both at the design stage for OEMs and within the factory.

The Industrial SOC H24x7

Investing in cyber technologies is not enough if it lacks a fast, continuous and intelligent service, capable of integrating the signals coming from them and deploying the quickest and most appropriate responses.

ReeVo's Industrial SOC - with automatic response - is capable of doing just that.

ReeVo's SOC immediately intervenes automatically when a potential problem arises, preventing it from having damaging effects or spreading within the company.

Subsequent interaction by the SOC experts, allows the isolation of the threat to be prolonged, pending remediation, or the restoration of proper operations, in the case of false positives.

Cyber best practices for the OT world

The ISO/IEC 62443 standard and ensuring the security of the OT telecommunications network and devices is paramount.

ReeVo recommends to:

  • have a software-defined network with segmentable OT data traffic
  • delegate centralised security monitoring and management to the IT department, but always guarantee the possibility of manual OT maintenance by operators, who can intervene - autonomously and if necessary - on system control (e.g. with mobile devices)
  • have speed of deployment and investment protection, through solutions that adapt to existing OT network configurations, not requiring a change of equipment

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