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We design and implement IaaS solutions that meet high performance, resilience and data security requirements. Our cloud infrastructure is designed to meet the challenges of mission-critical processes, even in highly regulated environments

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Manage your resources for business growth

ReeVo's cloud provides your business with the most advanced and secure technology ecosystem available on the market to build the backbone of a modern enterprise.

Businesses like yours need an IT infrastructure that is both flexible, scalable and secure, because performance and data protection cannot be compromised.

Today's business cannot stop, which is why a secure and resilient infrastructure is a pillar to support every company into its future

Private cloud, your virtual data center

ReeVo Enterprise IaaS is the infrastructure that supports innovation, business continuity and agility of many companies.

Through ReeVo's IaaS services, you get cloud-based access to an on-demand catalogue of virtualized resources such as servers, storage and networks. The costs associated with purchasing and managing hardware are eliminated, while you take full advantage of the constant availability, scalability, security, resilience and flexibility of the ReeVo cloud infrastructure.

All our Private Cloud solutions are customised in terms of infrastructure resources and services, thus ensuring the right scalability, resilience and adherence to challenging service levels (SLAs).

With ReeVo, modelling a true enterprise-class data centre and managing it from a simple web console is fast and easy!

The advantages of adopting ReeVo's IaaS services

A virtual server can be hosted in any of ReeVo's data center, at the customer's choice.

The service includes the purchase, configuration and provisioning of unit virtual resources that make up the Virtual Data Center, resources with which you can create and modify virtual machines at your discretion, without the need to switch from one pre-configured instance to another. With ReeVo, resources are always dedicated and there is never an over-capacity charge, but you can configure the resources that suit you, without compromise.

ReeVo provides you with a stretched datacenter by default. One of your virtual servers can be hosted in the ReeVo datacenter of your choice, without any need to adjust the network configuration: VLANs and public IPs are always available regardless of which ReeVo datacentre your resources are located in.

You can therefore place individual VMs and move them to any of our data centres. What can you use it for? For instance, to facilitate your failover projects or disaster recovery strategies or to better distribute your databases and front ends, taking advantage of ReeVo's optimised infrastructure.

Backed by 20 years of IT service management experience, ReeVo has created Cloud Portal, a proprietary web-based platform for the orchestration and automation of cloud and cyber services and its software defined datacenter. Onboarding is easy and the underlying technologies are always decoupled from Cloud Portal. The advantage is that you don't have to work with many different management tools or adjust skills if ReeVo changes any of the underlying technology layers of its services.

Using IaaS services means being able to increase or decrease resources according to your needs, which are best suited to your business needs.

Today, choosing ReeVo means counting on services provided by 5 Data Center RATING 4/ANSI-TIA 942.

Our datacenter are in the territory of each country in which we operate. Moreover, with ReeVo you are always certain which specific data center is hosting a specific resource.

ReeVo provides you with as many as 18 international certifications and the highest levels of compliance, covering not only the technical specifications of data centers, but so many other important aspects, such as both IT and business management and operational practices, security practices, privacy practices, or even service level agreements.

IaaS allows companies to avoid investments in hardware and IT infrastructure components, which are subject to rapid obsolescence, while reducing capital costs and improving IT budget management.

At the beginning of the journey to the cloud, the cost comparison with the traditional on-premise model is a natural topic of discussion. Considering all the internal costs of an on-premise model (i.e. purchase and maintenance of assets, power, uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning systems, and personnel costs for simply running things) the IaaS system is more cost-effective.

If you are looking for speed of adoption, no hardware purchase and supply cycle can ever match the speed and simplicity of a few clicks on the ReeVo Cloud Portal to acquire, configure and start using your IaaS infrastructure.

Regardless of what the backup and disaster recovery choices of each of our customers may be, ReeVo includes by default W.O.R.M. (write once read many) protection with three levels of backup: snapshot to primary storage, backup to secondary storage and hourly snapshot copy to another datacenter (7 days in W.O.R.M. mode completely unchangeable and unchangeable).

Whatever the critical situation, with ReeVo you always have a copy of your data in a safe and accessible place.

Secure Cloud

Cloud Power IBM i Power Systems – AS/400

IBM i Power Systems are the ideal choice for a private cloud, thanks to an architecture designed for mission critical services (or applications) and to protect and safeguard the most sensitive data.

On these premises, the ReeVo service, based on IBM Power 10, allows both production and Disaster Recovery environments to be hosted on IBM i, AIX and Linux SUSE systems.

Secure Cloud

Oracle Cloud IaaS

Speaking of platforms supporting critical applications and systems, we also include in our offer the Oracle Cloud IaaS service, our Infrastructure as-a-service solution supporting a wide range of Oracle workloads.

On Oracle-certified hardware, it therefore has all the functionality of the IaaS service, including snapshot and backup management, and supports Oracle OLVM (Linux Virtualisation Manager) hypervisors.

Secure Cloud


Our cloud infrastructure is based on SAP HANA-certified hardware and is therefore, in combination with our skills, certifications and experience, the stable and secure platform on which to build intelligent and fast enterprise applications capable of exploiting large volumes of data.

It therefore has all the functionalities of the IaaS service, including snapshot and backup management, and supports operating systems from a choice of Suse or Red Hat

A mix of infrastructure, experience and expertise with ReeVo

Our IaaS services are based on a blend of infrastructural assets, certified practices, technologies and experiences that enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in increasingly challenging markets.

We are committed to regulatory compliance, offering industry-leading solutions. One of our distinguishing features is our use of the market's only integrated web console, the ReeVo Cloud Portal, which enables the management and orchestration of software defined datacenter and cybersecurity services.

n addition, we are able to separate the management of cloud tenants from the technologies that make up the infrastructure, eliminating any IT complexity. We have the advantage of services provided by four RATING 4/ANSI-TIA 942 Data Center, guaranteeing high quality standards.

Security and data sovereignty are top priorities for us, and we offer a total guarantee of compliance. We are proud to offer cutting-edge compliance solutions, guaranteeing maximum security, efficiency and support for our customers.


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