Cloud Storage

An appropriate response to the explosive growth of corporate data. Our cloud storage services offer maximum storage capacity, access and data protection 

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Accelerate change with the cloud

The volume of information is growing exponentially. Managing it, storing it securely, accessing it quickly, protecting its integrity and complying with strict preservation regulations, and keeping costs down is a real challenge.


The ideal solution for creating a secure virtual archive


ReeVo's cloud storage solutions are a strategic response to these needs.

To the virtually unlimited space of the cloud ReeVo adds the benefits of object storage service that offers maximum scalability, flexibility, reliability and a low, certain and transparent cost, meeting both IT efficiency and regulatory compliance needs.

The advantages of ReeVo Cloud Storage

The object storage service allows to store, search and quickly access huge volumes of data in ReeVo's cloud, reducing storage costs compared to traditional, file- or block-based solutions.

The service is highly reliable due to the triple replication of data on several geographically distributed servers. This ensures continuous data availability and integrates seamlessly with the company's business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

ReeVo provides you with 18 international certifications and the highest levels of compliance. Putting data in ReeVo means relying on the highest international standards of certification and compliance. 

When analysing the costs of a cloud storage service, space is not the only factor to consider.  With ReeVo you will never have any nasty surprises with traffic charges. ReeVo is not a service that is subject to quantification - and therefore charges - for in-out traffic from the data center.

Data are directly reachable in the local network, with any technology using the S3 protocol, with the logic of ReeVo's hybrid cloud, where all services are reachable within the data center.

ReeVo has activated the immutability function on its storage units, which protects data from deletion, modification, unintentional deletion or deletion caused by ransomware attacks and ensures their availability even after an incident of any nature.

Your data are hosted in Tier IV data center located in every country in which we operate, fully respecting the principle of data sovereignty! Moreover, with ReeVo you can always be sure of the specific data center where they reside.

Secure Cloud

Object Storage

It allows you to put data and storage in the ReeVo cloud, reachable with any software or technology that exploits the Amazon S3 protocol, easily showing them as normal resources of a local 'drive'.

Security and data protection with ReeVo

We are familiar with the needs of businesses in the data age and know how complex it is to identify the best storage solution to balance cost, efficiency, reliability, security and scalability.

We can count on solid infrastructure resources such as our data center, certified practices at the highest level, many years of experience and high-profile technologies, which we tailor to the needs of our stakeholders and their processes.


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