Cloud Backup

It offers you the best protection for the real assets that make your business stand out: your data.

With this service, individual virtual machines, groups of servers or your entire data centre can be secured in the most convenient and secure place, i.e. in the ReeVo cloud.

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Don't lose data

Business interruptions, even in the absence of cyber attacks, are still widespread, negatively impacting business operations due to factors such as human error, machine malfunction or failure, unexpected events such as fire, flooding, or other more serious ones. 

ReeVo's cloud-based backup is part of the process of solving these issues, providing always accessible information and eliminating any internal infrastructure management complexity for data protection.

Leverage the cloud for the protection and security of your data

Backup is a pillar of business continuity and corporate data protection

Who needs it? All companies with virtualized systems or that need to back up their on-premise systems and choose to rely on the power of the cloud to do so.

Contexts characterised by physical servers or workstations where virtualisation is not possible and for which, an accidental or malicious failure is a high risk factor. Or systems virtualized on public clouds, for which there is no access to the hypervisor

Advantages of ReeVo's cloud backup

With a single multitenant management platform, ReeVo Cloud Portal, it is possible to efficiently monitor, schedule and restore backups, saving time and resources, in an identical operating mode for all architectures (physical, virtual and cloud). With ReeVo, there is no need to implement an off-site backup infrastructure and govern it.

ReeVo has a ready-to-use solution, so you have no set-up complexities.

In addition to traffic, data is automatically encrypted and protected in multiple copies and resides within ReeVo data center with the highest levels of certification and service guarantees.. 

ReeVo guarantees the possibility of using the immutability function that protects data against deletion, unintentional deletion, modification or ransomware attacks, ensuring their availability after an incident. 

Data backup is hosted within Tier IV Datacenter located in each country where we operate, fully respecting the principle of data sovereignty. ReeVo's technical support is localised in every country we operate in and answered by native speakers. Nothing easier in case of need!

The backup process can be automatically scheduled and verified, without burdening IT resources' time or imposing constant manual interventions.

With ReeVo all unlimited in-out data center traffic is always included in the service fee. Costs are clearly defined at service start-up, with no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Secure Cloud

Cloud Backup

The solution that allows you to backup virtual machines in secure cloud environments, quickly, fast and reliably.

Secure Cloud

Hybrid Cloud backup

You can use it as a corporate NAS system for easy document and file sharing or to back up stored data in the appliance with a backup copy directly to the cloud in ReeVo's data center, securely and privacy-friendly thanks to aes 256 bit encryption.

Secure Cloud

Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Backup Microsoft 365 to the ReeVo cloud and restore only what you need with advanced search functionality at a granular level

Secure your data with ReeVo

Protect the accessibility, availability and integrity of your data through reliable backup solutions aligned with the latest trends in the cloud world. We are distinguished by our data center infrastructure, our integrated cloud and cyber services, the international certifications and compliance we enjoy and total cost transparency.

What makes us unique, however, is our ability to customise solutions to suit the specific needs of each constantly evolving business.


If you want to find out how we protect data and what we can do for your company, contact us