Cyber Security

Does your company need the best cyber risk protection to grow and innovate? Discover ReeVo's solutions to protect your data and systems from external and internal attacks and turn to the leaders in corporate IT security.

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Cyber Security

Cyber risk assessment, prevention, defence, SOC H24/7 and comprehensive Cyber Incident management. Here you will find everything you need for your protection.

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Cyber Security

Security Operation Center (SOC) as a Service H24

ReeVo's ISO 27001-certified Security Operation Centre (SOC) runs H24x7x365 and operates according to the principles defined by the NIST framework.  Eliminate complexity: protect your data and your business with a SOC that requires no technology replacement.

Cyber Security

Prevention services

In the debate on cyber security, the focus is often on past events and defence technologies. However, the fundamental and irreplaceable element in the fight against cyber threats is prevention! ReeVo offers a wide range of services dedicated to risk prevention, ready to assist you.

Cyber Security

Defence services

The set of Detect & Response services, hence defensive, performs the task of detecting behavioural anomalies, capturing and correlating security events. ReeVo implements a first level of response that immediately blocks any expansion of threats or attacks, before resolving the problem in a more structural manner.

Cyber Security

Incident Response

ReeVo is specialised in Incident Response operations, following NIST standards. Our Cyber, IT and Legal Forensics experts will help you manage and contain the security incident until it is fully resolved. We will continue to monitor the situation automatically for 30 days after the incident is resolved, to provide you with further support.


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