SAP cloud migration to SAP S/4HANA

The strategic nature and importance of SAP to enterprise business and the cloud nature of SAP S/4 HANA drive the question of what is the right cloud adoption strategy and with what strategy to do it.

But unlike other IT issues, in the case of SAP, the cloud does not just support the infrastructure, but is an integral and constituent part of it.


ReeVo for cloud migration to SAP S/4 HANA

By having a certified IaaS solution for SAP 4/HANA, ReeVo recommends a data-driven approach that starts with analysis work.

Today, there are tools and skills to analyse an SAP installation effectively and adhering to the specific situation of each customer.

Consultancy activity

An analysis is carried out on the operation of the individual SAP instances, centred on both the infrastructure and the applications. The report highlights any deviations between the IT infrastructure and the usage of the SAP application, such as memory waste, under or overload, system efficiency or performance.

With this information, recommendations and indications can be made on how to optimise the system, using available on-premise and cloud resources, typically in a hybrid model.

The advantages of ReeVo

Certifications and compliance

ReeVo provides you with no less than 18 international certifications and the highest levels of compliance. These cover not only the technical specifications of the data centres, but also many other important aspects, such as IT and business management and operational practices, security practices, privacy practices or service level agreements.

Optimised cloud infrastructure management for SAP

Moving to the cloud does not necessarily reduce management complexity. That's why when you decide to use it for vital business functions, such as SAP systems, you need to rely on the right cloud provider. ReeVo breaks down cloud infrastructure management efforts for the SAP world. By providing SAP-certified cloud architectures, it introduces an additional layer of assurance to make this transition with confidence.

SAP's data-driven migration to the cloud world

In the context of the SAP world, a hybrid architecture that mixes parts of on-premise and cloud infrastructure may be the wisest choice, made after an exhaustive and data-driven analysis.

ReeVo provides the best cloud infrastructure, SAP certified, with the highest levels of certification and quality, ideal for such a business-critical environment.


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