Hybrid Cloud Storage

The Hybrid Cloud Storage solution is the winning strategy for companies that aim to combine efficiency and security in data management. This approach makes it possible to exploit the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, while maintaining control and protection of critical data through the private cloud.

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Expand, extend, protect

It expands the capabilities of a traditional on-premise storage platform with ReeVo's cloud services, with maximum data protection, inherent security in the services and additional Tiering and Vaulting capabilities.

Imagine having your own storage that can grow rapidly, in a virtually infinite manner, but with advanced data protection features that exceed those possible with a physical drive.

Why do companies ask for it

ReeVo's Hybrid Cloud Storage is a data protection factor, and is often one of the reasons why so many companies start a path to the cloud. With Hybrid Cloud Tiering, we automatically free up space on your local high-performance storage, while with Hybrid Cloud Storage (Vaulting), by integrating with our cloud, you can replicate your data to an external location, through advanced features such as immutability, for data protection and archiving purposes.

Advantages of ReeVo's Hybrid Cloud Storage

ReeVo offers you a physical as-a-service system for a monthly fee, fully managed: we take care of updates, support, incidents, configuration.

ReeVo provides you with 18 international certifications and the highest levels of compliance.

Putting your data in ReeVo means counting on services provided by 4 RATING 4/ANSI-TIA 942 Data Centres.

Our data center are in the territory of each country in which we operate. With ReeVo you are always sure which specific data center is hosting your specific resource.

Regardless of what the technology choices of each of our customers may be, ReeVo includes W.O.R.M (write once read many) protection by default with three levels of backup: snapshot on primary storage, backup on secondary storage and hourly snapshot copy to another data center.

Cloud storage, hybrid or object services use the same technology on which we base all our cloud services.

Let your data grow in the best cloud

Get data protection, agility, flexibility of use and resilience for your enterprise storage infrastructure. A cloud scales rapidly to infinity and ReeVo offers you higher levels of protection, management, maintenance and security than on-premise infrastructures.

Moving or having part of your data in the cloud is always a good idea.

Doing it with ReeVo is even more so!


Manage the growth of your data, increasing the efficiency and security of your storage systems