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Cloud Power IBM i Power Systems – AS/400

IBM Power Systems are the ideal choice for a private cloud, thanks to an architecture designed for mission critical services (or applications) and to protect and safeguard the most sensitive data. On these premises, the ReeVo service, based on IBM Power 10, allows hosting both production and Disaster Recovery environments on IBM i, AIX and Linux SUSE systems..



Our cloud infrastructure is based on SAP HANA certified hardware and represents therefore, in combination with our skills, certifications and experience, the stable and secure platform stable and secure platform on which to build intelligent and fast enterprise applications capable of

exploit large volumes of data. It has all the functionalities of the IaaS service, including snapshot and backup management, and supports operating systems from a choice of Suse or Red Hat.


Oracle Cloud IaaS

Speaking of platforms supporting critical applications and systems, we also include in our offer the Oracle Cloud IaaS service, our Infrastructure as-a-service solution supporting a wide range of Oracle workloads. On Oracle-certified hardware, it therefore has all the functionality of the IaaS service, including snapshot and backup management, and supports Oracle OLVM (Linux Virtualisation Manager) hypervisors.


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